Recent prayer requests from Nepali Christians expose just how personally dangerous it has become to bring people the message of hope and salvation in Christ.

Amidst opposition, Nepali Christians remain steadfast in their devotion to Christ. Their remarkable testimonies and regular prayer requests show how wholeheartedly they are responding to the Lord’s call, even today. Working with local churches, teams are reaching remote villages despite the risk of monsoons, landslides and road blockages. Please pray for special protection for the workers.

Because of difficult geography and small populations, sometimes teams must climb up and down for 3-5 hours to reach the next house. Please pray they will be protected and be enabled to reach their goals.

Common elements of their prayer requests are for empowerment and protection but brave Nepali Christians from Every Home for Christ have been taking gospel messages to their own people for 25 years and give no hint of slowing down or retreating.

Hundreds of Christians are being trained inusing discipleship materials called BFAM.(“Be Fruitful and Multiply”). These peoplewill train many more in their own churches.Please pray for effective discipleship.

New believers are being baptised. Please pray that they may grow spiritually and that God would protect their faith in Jesus amidst temptations and tribulations.

Today, researchers speak of tremendous church growth in Nepal over the past two decades against a backdrop of continual intense difficulty – religious persecution, poverty, political instability, sociological and geographic challenges, natural disasters and aggressive political pressures.


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Some describe the church growth as the result of Christians being empowered by the Holy Spirit, much like believers in the early church. In fact, some have said that the oppression seems to fuel the growth rather than stop it, also as we see in the book of Acts.

Recently more government restrictions came into place, intensifying difficulties for the Church.

As brothers and sisters in Christ, let us pray for Nepal!