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A sponsor visit

By July 2, 2018 No Comments

Now we have been to Nepal and are back home again. We reflect on our trip and thank God for the wonderful time we had there. David Lepcha, the EHC Nepal Director, and his wife met us at the airport and took us to our hotel. They are lovely people. They then picked us up the next morning and drove us to our sponsor child, Sanjhana’s home, which was quite a distance there and back. We were greeted by Sanjhana’s family and treated like royalty, despite their poverty! It was very humbling. Sanjhana is delightful and her whole family including extra cousins were there to meet us. They had prepared a meal for us and the Lepchas.

Sanjhana was a very good interpreter!

We had the opportunity to see her high school, and her church too. Sanjhana came with us to these places and at the church I was able to play a couple of hymns on the small electric piano which she sang along to in Nepalese! The hymns were “How Great Thou Art” and “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”. How special that was for us both!

In the photo Sanjhana is standing on the right of the photo, next to me, and just in front of Bob. On her right is her father, her great-aunt, her mother and her older brother, then David Lepcha.

David’s wife, Melan, took the photo. (The other younger children are cousins who live nearby.) Sanjhana’s family’s house is just behind them.

Thankyou so much to EHC for all your help with organising and emailing to enable us to meet our sponsor child. This trip has shown us that our sponsor money is definitely assisting Sanjhana in her education. She has now completed High School and is in first year university without sponsorship, this would not have been possble for her.